Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th, 2012

Well I'm finally back. I was incredibly burnt out from this game for the longest time. It didn't help that I've been working on the most boring project in my entire world since I first hollowed out the base (and that one might have been easier to do than the glass dome, because I didn't have to focus much while doing it). I'm pleased to say that I've overcome that problem and I've finally finished the dome.

So this is what three and a half double chests of glass buys you. Granted, I'm not done with this dome yet because it is rather plain looking. I'll most likely add in some supports and make the dome a giant cap. And then of course, there are the doors to add yet (which will be very fancy, you have my word).

I'm thinking about using this for wall lighting instead of having the pistons. It helps add more shape and texture to the rather plain walls, and it doesn't cost so much! (Yes, the pistons are still there for now.)

With all of that glass needed for the dome, my desert is starting to look very much like a wasteland. Funnily enough, it's where I would probably expand next after I finish my base. Both of those events are very far away however, so I won't bother with details for now.

Next up on my list of things to do include:
- The doorway arches for my base
- The supporting rings and cap for the dome
- Finish the aesthetics for the base of the mob grinder and make the lighting system functional
- Gather more sand and glowstone

I'm sorry that this update doesn't have much, but I truly, truly didn't feel like playing for the longest time.

Signing out!

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