Saturday, October 20, 2012

Public World Download - October 20th, 2012

We are now 7 months on from the time that I've started this world. It hasn't felt like 7 months, but that's what the post dates have been telling me. I've finally gotten back from my hiatus caused by the release of Guild Wars 2, and I've spent a fairly large amount of time doing things in my world. There is a new iron golem farm, so iron is not a problem anymore. The lighting of my base has taken a further step in the final direction with the addition of the lamp posts on the top tier of the base. My base has a new room, which is dedicated to the iron golems. I have finally started on my Nether hub, which currently has two destinations (with working rail systems): one to the still-in-progress zombie pigmen farm and the other to the wither skeleton spawning pad. Speaking of wither monsters, I finally killed my first wither and collected its star (and I left three more heads so you can fight one yourself). also, I've worked on even more terra-forming in preparation for the final touches of my base. Overall, quite a lot for three weeks of work.

Remember, I have been using the snapshots to play on my world. You must use up to at LEAST w40b in order for the world to not corrupt, though I have been on the pre-release for the past few days. With that said, the download is below.

Download iMaelstrom's Survival World here.


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  1. Hey, I've really liked your build so far! I'd even like to build a similar one in my world :)

    I run a small vanilla mindcrack style server and thought you might be an awesome addition! If you'd like to give this a try, you can skype me at Sinisterbee.