Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3rd, 2012 Extended

Well, the End farm is now (nearly) finished. It's fully functional, though it requires some small tweaks which I'll rage about later.

The tower in all of it's glory

A long way down

An example layer of spawning space

Okay, so now the details. This system is piston-operated, as water and lava both harm Endermen. Basically, there are four groups of pistons, with 12 spawning spaces per group. Each layer is therefore 48 pistons. I have 14 layers in this spawner, so the trap has 672 spawning spaces. I could have gone up over 700 blocks of spawning space like I intended, but I was getting lazy, and the result wouldn't have mattered too much.

Surrounding the entire spawner is a water curtain, as Endermen cannot teleport through water. Not pictured is the entrance to the spawner, which consists of two rows of chests (16 double chests in total). Directly beyond the entrance is an enchanting room, geared up towards level 50 enchantments. Beyond that is the spawning chamber.

This system is also unbelievably fast. I hit level 50 two times so far and it only took me between 5-10 minutes for each time. I got two pickaxes with efficiency V and unbreaking III, so very nice, though I still am missing a fortune pickaxe, so I have to keep going. Unfortunately, this system still has some problems, which I'll probably rectify without further mention:
1. Since I use a solid block for the piston to push, Endermen will sometimes glitch into them and take suffocation damage, meaning that the fall kills them. This happens to about every one in ten Endermen, but it's still annoying and I can't really fix it.
2. The floor is only one block thick. I've already glitched through the floor once, so that is rather unfortunate. I lost another set of iron armor, some tools, my arrows, enchanted bow, enchanted sword, and the silk touch diamond pickaxe. I'll probably refund that this weekend with TMI because that was just cheap.

In your dimension, killing your dudes

That's all for now! Signing out!

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