Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8th, 2012

Move-in day is almost here. I've been procrastinating making a storage room for a long time now because I've had an annoying dilemma. Digging out the base gave me twelve double chests full of dirt and cobblestone. This would have resulted in a very unbalanced storage room, as I would have needed quite a lot of space just to store those two materials.

So I wanted to split my storage room into two parts. I wanted to have a showcase storage room, where I can store valuable stuff and other odds and ends, but I also wanted a mass storage room, for all of the blocks I've been hoarding.

What you see when walking into the storage room

What you see after stepping into the storage room

This design was shameless ripped from Ethoslab on Youtube because I thought it was such a good concept. I also managed to hide the wiring powering the sticky pistons (attached vertically to the stairs) well enough that I could just use the middle set of pistons to open a doorway to the second part of the storage room.

Really quickly, I'm just showing the wiring that I used for the pistons. The blocks between the glowstone are the ones right below the pistons. Basically, there's a two tick delay between each piston activating sequentially, starting in the middle (whose repeaters are set to four ticks).

This is also a gate I used. This is called a T-flip-flop, and it basically makes a button or a pressure plate act like a lever, with a toggle-able power state. The red wool represents the input and the blue wool represents the output. There is also another trick you can do with this to make it faster. Between the pressure plate and the two sandstone blocks I have on the top row, you need to put an inverter. This will "super-charge" the T-flip-flop, making it activate when the pressure plate or button is pushed down, not when it is released.

And here is the second room to my storage room. There are 48 double chests in this room while there are only 16 double chests in the first room. I also have 16 furnaces in this secondary storage room here, which I think is a nice benefit because of how close it'll be to those blocks that I'll be smelting commonly.

And that's it for the storage room. I'll be moving all of my stuff soon, as soon as I label all of the chests in the storage room (probably my least favorite thing to do in Minecraft). I've also been getting sick of the stone brick walls. It doesn't feel like there is anything that matches stone brick other than more stone brick. So I've changed it. I'm not showing you guys what it looks like yet because it isn't finalized. I'll have that done soon though.

That's all for now. Signing out!

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