Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9th, 2012

Well, I'm back from my vacation, and I did play a little bit during the evenings so I have something to show. The mob grinder is now fully functional, and I am very happy with the drop rates. Although I am not completely done with it just yet, I'm happy to at least have the base structure finished, allowing me to move onto new projects.

The enchantment table room with half the bookshelves active

The enchantment table room with all of the bookshelves active

So here is the main enchantment table for my base. It's under the second tier of my base and just barely fits with two blocks to spare. Unfortunately, I believe I only need 15 bookshelves in 1.3 in order to achieve the highest enchanting level, so this will soon be outdated. Still, it was a fun little build that didn't take very long. It's been too long since I had enough redstone to build something with.

My next goal for the mob grinder is to have an on/off switch. With redstone lamps available to me, I was able to avoid using lava and was thus able to build with wood. This is an example of the wiring I used for one side of the mob grinder, which I think looks nice actually. I'm still debating about how to join all of this together, but I have awhile to think on that, as it takes quite some time to do even one side of this. You also will notice the glass dome starting to take shape for the walls of my base. Unfortunately, I'm out of glass and sand, so I'll need to get more before building again.

I'm also still working around my base as well as inside of it. I'm changing the hillside to grass in this picture. I also have enough for two stacks of TNT to finish blowing these mountains away and forming my own in a somewhat mellow shape. I'll also probably plant trees around the area and light the inside of them up using pumpkins or glowstone.

Aside from that, I've been helping my sister with her world. We haven't really been playing multiplayer much, but we will sit and chat and play our respective single player worlds. She wanted me to build her a minecart system to keep her dogs in motion constantly to prevent them from teleporting to her, and I agreed thinking it would be a five minute job, but then she showed me her pack of some 20 dogs. Yeah, forget that, she's on her own. She's also had very bad luck recently trying to dig for redstone and diamonds. She wants to emulate the endermen farm that I'm using, but she doesn't quite have the resources for it.

That's all I've got for now. Next update will be a download link to my world for the month. Signing out!

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