Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10th, 2012

Minecraft 1.3 is here at last! I'm sure everyone has had ample opportunities to experiment with the full release now that it is out, including myself. I did a lot of update work around my base just to work in the features of 1.3. That said, for as amazing as the features are in this update, I'm kind of upset that all of the negatives of multiplayer had to be attached to this as well. Chunk errors, more lighting bugs, glitchy textures, laggy mobs, and weird suffocation issues have been plaguing me quite often since this update happened. There are some things I can get used to, but some things I wished didn't have to be included with the price tag. That said, this is how the game works, and we'll just have to learn to deal with it.

For my last project before 1.3 was released, I decided to start tackling the re-finish on the minecart track. I was riding it one day and I got blown up by a creeper. I went back and checked the lighting, and sure enough, I made a mistake and mobs could spawn in the tunnel. Instead of just fixing the lighting, I decided to entirely redesign both parts of the tunnel, and here is the result.

Descending from my base

The actual tunnel

Removing all of the stone around the tunnel chewed through three of my enchanted diamond pickaxes, but I think the end result is definitely worth it. This project brought me all the way into 1.3, with only a few stairs left to place once the update happened. Initially, I didn't understand how placing stairs and half slabs worked in 1.3, but I quickly figured it out once I finished off the collection point for my mob grinder.

An outside view

An inside view

I love sandstone stairs. I'm so glad they are finally in the game. Probably enough said on that subject.

This hill has been through a lot of abuse since I started working on it with TNT. I put a temporary village (with infinite breeding cell) and a netherwart farm on top of here for a period of time. I now have a chest full of netherwart (the beginnings of a potions room), and the village gave me one of every villager type (and even a few iron golems). Both of those are now gone though, and I could finally cover the top of the hill in grass. I'm not sure exactly what I want done with this hill yet (whether I'll add a real village on top of it, or if I will just cover it in trees), but there is still some work for the future.

Speaking of villagers, this is where they ended up. The librarian is especially handy for trading paper for emeralds, and I now have about a half stack of emerald blocks because of him. The priest will also be useful, offering glowstone and redstone if I need them. Other than that, I can't really see myself trading much, and I'll use the emeralds for decoration, or for the upcoming beacons in 1.4. This isn't the final location for the villagers either, but more on that in a later update.

You might have spotted the arch in the background, which has also received a makeover using the horizontal logs. I like this much more than the sandstone and stone, but I'm still not happy about the texture on the front of the arch. I might add a line of horizontal logs in the front, just to add some diversity.

Trading paper requires extensive amounts of sugar cane, but I'm now covered on that front. This sugar cane field gives me an entire inventory full of paper when I harvest it, which I can do every 20 minutes or so. Emeralds are so easy to get because of this.

And finally, we have the second best thing about 1.3: ice! I've made two ice trays now, and they are keeping me well supplied with ice, even if I'm usually not in the area to let them freeze. That is good, because I need close to a double chest full in order to finish off the floor for the top tier of my base (ice under half slabs).

That's all I've got for now. Signing out!

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