Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22nd, 2012

Lots of progress with redstone projects was made these last few weeks. I had left the last update with the desire to finish the lighting system in my base, and now I have. Additionally, I used what remained of my redstone supply to add a master reset button onto my End farm, to prevent pistons from detaching their snow blocks and blocking spawns.

At the push of a button, all of the pistons will pulse in the spawner, so they will all get their blocks back and I don't have to keep going up there to replace the detached snow blocks. The wiring for this was relatively simple, as there are only four blocks between layers, so the simple redstone torch and block vertical wiring worked. I had some trouble with the water, but eventually got it to stay the way I wanted to (and stop updating and washing away part of my redstone).

Back to the lighting system. I wanted to have it attached to a day/night sensor, just to make it needlessly complicated and more attractive-looking. I used the version created by JL2579 and it works flawlessly. I ended up having 8 light sensors total, so the lighting system is very responsive.

For a more in-depth guide on how to build this, I would highly recommend watching the video that I linked above, as there are still some hidden elements to this thing that I never edited to show in the picture.

Now that I am out of redstone, it's time to transition into more building, and that will be starting with the Nether. I plan on making a Nether hub of sorts, like how the Minecrack server works. I will have plenty of locations in the future for this thing to go to, but I am still very much in the designing stages of it. Luckily, I have things to keep me busy with in the mean time.

Can you guess why I need this much obsidian?

I'll leave you with this picture to puzzle the purpose out of, and additionally a warning about how few updates there will be for awhile. Guild Wars 2 comes out Friday night at around midnight my time, and I will be very distracted with that game for awhile (I've only been waiting for it for 5 years). On top of that, school is starting up again very soon, so there will be very few updates for a month or two. I'll still release my world on time though.

That's all I've got. Signing out!

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