Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11th, 2012

My primary project that I really wanted to finish today was the slime farm. This one was a full blown farm, with spawning pads, water currents, automated size reducing, and a loot collection point. I gave you a preview of what to expect last time, so I'll jump right into the spawning pads.

There are four spawning pads. The two on the left side are 7x14 and the two on the right are 6x14. Add in nine more blocks in each dimension and you get a room that is 37x22x7 in area (it should be 8 blocks for height, but if I'm considering it to be tile-able, then it is 7 blocks in height). The sandstone ceiling actually looked quite bland and had a few dark spots that were irritating me, so I decided to try and make a picture. Basically, I ended up working from the corners, and at the very center I repeated the design from the corners. I made a model in creative mode so you guys could get a better idea.

When I designed this, I thought the room was only 21
blocks in length, so this is not symmetrical

The water currents force the slimes to congregate in the bottom left corner of the first picture, where it wraps around behind me to end up along the right wall. At that point, I force the larger slimes to downsize into the smallest version, which are then sent up a ladder. Since the size reducer isn't really visible, I also made a creative mode model to show you guys.

Design courtesy of Roboticaust

The ladder used to transport the smallest slimes to my base

The loot collection point in my base

Maybe I'm being a little nostalgic. For those of you who are subscribed to Ethoslab on YouTube, you may recognize how I depressed the floor down a little bit for the area where I get the loot. I may do more with this area later (on/off switch for spawning or a kill/collect option), but for now, this is how it looks.

Well, that's it for the slime farm. I'm now drastically low on iron (less than half a stack), so I NEED to go caving again. After that, I'll probably just do basic resource collecting (tree farm, wheat farm, etc.) around my base while I collect slimeballs.

That's all for now. Signing out!

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