Thursday, April 26, 2012

What I've been up to

Okay guys, first of all I'm sorry it's taking me awhile to get a new post up. In truth, there's quite a bit that's happening right now, but everything is disjointed, and I'm trying to make it as efficient as I can.

First of all, I've been sick the last week, and I really haven't felt like playing much as a result. My last weekend I basically spent sleeping in my hammock (fun fact, I actually don't use a bed). This weekend, a soccer tournament and (more importantly) the Guild Wars 2 beta is going on. It will be very unlikely that I play, and if I do, it's because I don't want to do homework and my internet is being shoddy (again).

Next, I've been working on multiple things at once here. The End farm is progressing. I have the entire base done and I'm adding onto the spawning area now. This entire thing is made of snow, because I don't need to leave the End constantly to go get more materials by using it. I'll have pictures when it's done.

Unfortunately, I cannot gather slimeballs and work in the End at the same time. So I've been splitting my time up, and so far, both of those projects are halfway done. So here are the things immediately on my to-do list:

1. Finish the End farm and get a fortune III pickaxe (I have 30 diamond ore sitting in a chest waiting for it).
2. Design the outer walls of my base.
3. Design the stairs for the third tier of my base (this one is almost finished now).
4. Put in my two-part storage room design I've been thinking of.
5. Do the lighting for the base (not possible until the walls and stairs are done).
6. Gather resources for the next major project after the End farm.

Now, let's talk progress instead of excuses for once.

Like I said before, the End farm is progressing. I have five stacks of sticky pistons now, with only six more stacks left to make. The End farm itself is nearing completion. I really only have to install the pistons, water curtains, and minecart track between the portal and the farm yet.

The outer walls are tough. I mostly have no idea what I want with it. I've been thinking of ideas that allow for different things. I could make the whole base a dome if I wanted to and provide a maximum viewing range, but I think that would look a little awkward, seeing as my base is probably at the lowest area of land around. I could also just make something like castle walls if I wanted, make them three layers thick, and have very nice piston doors to enter the base. If I did something like this, I need a design to make the walls less boring, although I already know how I would do the lighting for the base in that scenario.

The stairs are almost done. I was originally going to have them on the flat part of the inner circle when I realized I put a slime collection point in the way (doh!). So now they are at the diagonal point, which was a nightmare to try and design and make it look natural. I think I did it, though I dislike how the bottom of the stairs look yet. You guys will (hopefully) see soon.

The storage room is going to have two different parts to it. The upper level is going to be a quick resupply point, containing very few chests and very few of each type of resource. The lower level is going to be my larger, mass storage system with 60+ chests and at least 16 furnaces. Additionally, I may create a new room to host a bigger minecart station with a track selector and run it from there. We'll see.

The last two points I can't talk about yet. Both are still in their planning stages.


To wrap up this post, I wanted to talk about planning for Minecraft 1.3. I'm not going to use the snapshots, but I like to keep up-to-date with what is being added, and guess what? Both of my predictions for future updates are correct. Silk touch now works on ice blocks (and glass panes) again. There are also now half slabs for each of the new wood types. This comes at a slight cost of having the wooden half slabs act like wood instead of stone, meaning that they now burn. No big deal, but it's something worth mentioning. Having ice is going to be huge, and I can already say that I'm going to be needing a new farm just to harvest it.

That's all for now. Signing out!

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