Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1st, 2012

I bet you can guess what comes next...

... or maybe you can't.

Yeah, so I tried sniping one of the healing orbs when I was too close to the edge. Got knocked off, lost about 30 iron ingots (worth of armor and tools), a diamond sword, five stacks of arrows, and a ton of snowballs. Apparently right clicking a storage minecart with your bow will fire the bow (thus destroying the minecart). So basically I need to get completely re-set up again. I'm kind of annoyed about losing the iron because I'm going to need quite a bit of it for my planned End farm.

Lets look at a bit of logistics. With update 1.2, mobs no longer recognize signs as blocks. Also, you cannot use water currents with endermen. This basically leaves us with one option: using piston traps. For each block of spawning space, you need one piston, one repeater, and one pressure plate. Ideally, you want 1,000 blocks of spawning space for a good mob trap. Because piston traps are so efficient (the mob spawns, gets pushed off, and is ready to be killed all within about 3 seconds), I can probably cut this down to about 700 blocks of spawning space.

With 700 blocks of spawning space, I need 700 pistons, 700 repeaters, and 700 pressure plates. This means I need 2,800 redstone (three for the repeater and one for the piston), 700 iron ingots, 2,100 stone blocks (for the repeaters), 2,800 cobblestone blocks, 2,100 wooden planks, and then either another 1,400 stone blocks or wooden planks.

Currently, I have about 1,000 redstone and 400 iron ingots. Those are really the limiting resources currently. This End farm is quite an expensive project, and I still need to defeat the bloody dragon. Attempt #2 coming soon!

That's all for today. Signing out!

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