Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11th, 2012

Well, in order to go to the End, I would like to have a high-level enchanted bow. In order to get that, I need a basic mob trap to quickly gather the experience. When I went to the Nether, the first thing I saw was a Nether fortress. Just down the first hallway was a blaze spawner. Now, blaze spawners are probably one of the most annoying spawner traps, because you can't use water at all, and despite the fact that blazes don't drown in lava, they don't get pushed by the lava either. So, I'm basically forced into using pistons if I want an efficient trap.

For awhile now, the only thing holding me back has been getting slimeballs for the sticky pistons. I recently located two slime chunks that border each other and are relatively close to my cave (like 1-2 chunks away). So my first big project of the week has been converting the entire area into a slime farm. I chose to work in the high 38's for a level because if I wanted to automate it later, it would be better if it was closer to my cave. Unfortunately, the area was intersected by three different caves. A lot of cleanup work was done in order to allow me to add water canals later if I so desired. For now, I'm leaving the result as is because I only need about one stack of slimeballs.

As I've been expanding the cave out more and more, I've kind of been realizing how bad this cave actually is for a home. It seems that the generation is all messed up and everything looks awful (and not to mention there are a heck of a lot of caves). So, I've decided to go with plan B. Plan B involves an above ground structure. I've personally elected to go with something circular. Behold!

New beginnings

These plains are just slightly southeast of my cave. The circle is 100 blocks in diameter (including the edges). At the point of this picture, I have barely done any work in smoothing out the land. All I had done was defined the circle.

Basically, what I have in mind is to make a tiered, circular base. I could have made the tiers increase in height as you went towards the center or decrease in height. I believe that decreasing in height will be better because it gives me a line of sight all the way across my base, and it also allows me to use more space underground (making it easier to hide farms, redstone, pipes for mobs, etc.).

With a bit more work the same day...

To do my first tier (and highest tier), I wanted to use half slabs. The boundary is currently made of cobblestone, but I will most likely replace it with stone brick later. Having the first tier just half a block below the wall gives it more shape, I think. So basically what I focused on doing first was:
1. Getting rid of tall weeds, water, and trees in the area.
2. Focusing on leveling out the land so the entire thing is at least one block below the wall.

The next step will be to convert the crazy amount of cobblestone I'm getting from this into stone, and from there on to stone half slabs (half slab of choice for the top tier). I can then make a circle inside of the boundary of half slabs to define the top tier. I don't have an idea of dimensions yet, but I've been thinking somewhere between 8-10 blocks thick. That is the next base project for me because I am really tired of digging dirt (I have two double chests full of it, solely from this project, and this was just one day of work). My next project will likely be the blaze spawner.

Finally, the downsides of starting a new base are going to hurt a bit. The tree farm is a bit far away, so I'll probably remove it later when I have the base design finished (and don't need quite so much charcoal). The wheat farm was always going to be removed. I prefer melons to bread, and beef to melons. The slime farm will become useless (it's too far away to automate, which is the eventual goal). Likely I'll salvage the stone bricks and then just make pillars to prevent slimes from spawning. My Nether portal is also too far away. The whole thing will have to be moved, which is unfortunate because it was in a very nice location.

Also, all of the caves that I have lit up are at the extreme edge of the spawning area of the new mob farm (likely to be in the middle of my new base). -_-

Well, sorry for the lack of updates but I hope this one was worth it. It certainly feels like I did a lot. The decision-making did take quite a bit of the time.

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