Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 3, 2012

Sandstone is my favorite block to build with, ever since it first came out in the Minecraft beta v1.2. I showed a map yesterday of the area surrounding my little cave base. Unfortunately, there was very little sand on it. I needed to rectify this problem fast, because I don't really want to attempt to tidy up the cave until I have a healthy supply of sandstone and glowstone. So I went back to exploring, starting in the northeast corner of the map because, hey, there's no jungle there (jungles are such a pain to get through). After finding the snow biome extended northeast and was surrounded by yet more jungle, I decided to turn south and try to walk along the eastern edge of the jungle there (you can see it on the eastern edge of the map). Lo and behold, there's a mini desert there.

Do deserts always have that much water?

The coordinates put me at some 700 blocks east of my cave base. On one hand, I probably won't be this far away from my base very often to mind the soon to be destroyed desert, but on the other, I have to trek through a jungle to get here every time.

Also, I found a "village" (as you can see). It's three buildings and a well (actually there are two wells, but one of them is the weird desert structure thing). Not much of a village and not that useful to me. I may end up just taking down the entire village, or I may relocate the villagers to a man-made village. I don't quite have enough iron yet for a railroad though.

In other news, I did have some diamonds sitting around from my first caving trip, so I got some obsidian and went to the Nether. My portal is literally right next to a Nether fortress, which has a blaze spawner about 100 blocks away. Not bad. My first few stacks of iron will probably go into converting the spawner into an experience farm, seeing as I haven't found any cave spider spawners yet and it's too early to go to the End.

It's my mom's birthday, so I'm off to celebrate.

Signing off for today!

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