Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6th, 2012

The overview again

Back at school, so my time on Minecraft is more limited. Still, I haven't been completely idle. There are so many small tasks that need to be done to start a world off properly. From the sand and sandstone gathering, I moved on to create a wheat farm and small tree farm (which I basically use solely for charcoal). By stocking up on the resources now, it means I can build freely without the worry of my resource supply.

The Nether has been handy as well. I cleared out the area surrounding the close blaze spawner, though I still need a slime farm before I am able to make a mob trap there. The blaze spawner is the main goal right now. I have plenty of opportunity to afk at a blaze spawner while at school, so I would like it finished soon.

That said, I still want to get a sense of direction around my cave, and my method of doing that is to basically spread grass to the area. I also need to light up as many caves as possible, for the eventual mob spawner that I will make around this location.

My supply is building up

Mind you, I haven't exactly been digging for diamonds here. Most of the caves I've lit up have been above diamond layer. I wouldn't even have any diamonds except for the time I ran into a ravine that uncovered 11 diamonds all by itself. The iron supply is getting more healthy (and that's not all of it, a few stacks are still smelting at this time). I hope that next time I'll have a slime farm to show you all, though it won't be a proper one until I pick where the central location of my cave is.

Anyways, that's all for now.


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